Artist Spotlight

August 29, 2008

I’ve always loved to draw pictures, and when I started working here oh so many years, I’ve encouraged and taught kids how to draw every chance I get. When I see kids with a knack for the craft, I like to recognize them, so I’m starting this feature on the blog.

The first artist spotlight is a first grader, Ethan. I knew him last year as a kindergartener and he was always drawing, but this morning I saw him in the dining room with a stack of drawings. He drew the entire cast of Spongebob, and quite well, from memory. He blew me away! He gave me this drawing of Squidward saying “Hi, how are you doing.”

Then he asked me what I wanted him to draw. I told him I wanted an astronaut, but he said he didn’t know how. After much prodding and encouragement, he reluctantly set out to draw one. I think it came out looking great! He even got the space shuttle in there.

And the astronaut was visited by some extraterrestrial friends.

Here’s a happy monster with a rainbow.

Thanks Ethan! Keep up the great work!


Gearing up

August 29, 2008

Alright, so we’ve gotten a couple of weeks under our belt now, and we’re seeing everything fall back into place as everybody finds their rhythm for the new year. We at the media center have been solving technology issues like crazy. Teachers have enough to worry about as they ready for a new year without having to worry about problems with their printers or computers, so we’ve been trying our hardest to get these things resolved. It takes time, but we’re getting there and we appreciate all of our teachers’ patience. We’re happy to help, but there are a lot of you and only a few of us.

Classes start coming to media next Tuesday. We’re especially excited about integrating this year’s technology-heavy theme, encouraging us to explore new ways to travel to uncharted territories. That’s what the media center is all about! We’re more than a library here. We are a place for children to dabble in all forms of media (books, web technologies, broadcast, animation, and beyond) in order to reach people in new ways.

I’ve been having fun stretching my creative muscles for various projects throughout the school. Most recently, helping out with two blog headers: Geeks from the Creek and Traveling Chet. And speaking of Geeks from the Creek, keep an eye on that blog, as Melissa Ross and I were crowned CCE’s first geeks. I guess that makes me some sort of uber geek. I’ve never been so honored…or insulted. I’m still trying to decide. Either way, I’m going to be presenting a little lesson on video editing to the teachers on our next early release day. We’ll be a school of Spielbergs before the year’s up, I’m sure of it.