3rd grade teacher?

September 12, 2008

So many times as a media specialist, I have reflected about my effectiveness as I create little Information Specialists. Today, I had a great experience as I started the day by introducing the OPAC lesson — or should I say review — of Duval called Destiny. The students were listening intently when one student, Alex, raised his hand and asked me if I wanted him to finish the lesson. Of course, I humbly sat down and said, “why of course, I would love for you to share with the class how to search for a book”. He began by saying, “I remember every word that Ms. KK taught me. Let’s begin.”

He walked up to the laptop attached to the projector and moved the curser to the address bar and typed….destiny.duvalschools.org. The rest was history as he gently guided his fellow students through a perfect book search. Can it get any better than this?